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Traveling Bali


Captured by: Leonoid Nazarov

Captured by: Fausto Adam Radcliff

Arrival in Bali begins with landing at the Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS), located in the bustling capital city of Denpasar. Pre-arranging transportation in advance is the best way to save time and money. The process is relatively simple as many hotels offer complimentary shuttles that await you with a personalized sign once you’ve successfully passed through customs. Scams associated with airport taxis in Bali are frequent, so only utilize reputable businesses from companies like Klook and Bluebird Taxis. Spontaneous travelers who aren’t fond of planning too far in advance are in luck, as you will undoubtedly come across local drivers approaching tourists outside the airport exit, willing to negotiate a deal to transport you to your next destination. To navigate these encounters wisely and affordably, know your country's conversion rates and be well-informed of your drop-off location to ensure there are no miscommunications when arriving in this incredible country.

~ Highlights ~ 

Bali Museum, Werdhi Budaya Art Centre, Lumintang Park, I AM Bali 3D, Serangan Beach

~ Accommodation ~  

Ratih Bali, D'uma Residence, Suwardika Homestay, Serangan Turtle Island ($)

Banyumas Villa, Hotel Grand, Choice Stay Hotel Denpasar, Sylvia Bali ($$)


Captured by: Iva Sabane

Captured by: Ghading Pratama & Yuda

Denpasar is the capital city of Bali and is the closest settlement the island has to a ‘metropolis. Most travelers skip Denpasar in favor of viewing the island's temples, wildlife, beaches, and nightlife which is prevalent in hotspots like Canggu, Seminyak, Ubud, and Uluwatu. Although there is not a multitude of highlights in this destination, Denpasar does offer a few attractions and landmarks perfect for a day trip. If time allows, make sure to visit the Bajra Sandhi Monument, dedicated to the Balinese people and their past struggles and triumphs throughout history. Although a capital city, Denpasar is ironically one of the more cost-friendly neighborhoods to live in, bringing good news to budget travelers looking to stay long-term and affordably. Bali is a vast destination, creating an uncountable amount of highlights and sights you’re bound to encounter while exploring this divine archipelago.

~ Highlights ~ 

Bajra Sandhi, Bali Museum, Werdhi Budaya Art Centre, Lumintang Park, I AM Bali 3D

~ Restaurant ~ 

Depot Can Amo, Men Gabrug, Bakso Supra Dinasty, Oke Vegetarian, Bundaran Renon ($)

Krisna Resto, Babi Guling Pan Ana, Mamma Mia, Goemerot, Trihita Pojok Sudirman ($$)

~ Accommodation ~  

Ratih Bali, D'uma Residence, Nakula Familiar Inn, Inna Bali, Suwardika, Serangan Turtle Island ($)

Inna Bali, Banyumas Villa, Hotel Grand, Choice Stay Hotel Denpasar, Sylvia Bali ($$)

~ Notable Temples ~ 

Agung Jagatnatha Temple, Puri Agung, Geriya Tanah Kilap, Asram Sri Sri 

~ Marketplaces ~  

Pasar Malam Kereneng, Badung Market, Galleria, Kreneng Market, Popular Market Denpasar

~ Nightlife ~ 

New Star Club, EC Executive Karaoke Bali, Lacovida Loca bar, De Berry Karaoke


Captured by: Trav Springer

Seminyak is a popular tourist destination situated between Legian & Canggu and offers more of a westernized scene in Bali. This location tends to attract more upscale and boujee travelers as it showcases luxury beach villas, expensive beach clubs, boutique markets, and high-end restaurants that have enticed many people to spend more money than they had initially planned. Those seeking a more cultural experience should pay a respectful visit to the religious site of Petitenget Temple. In the past, this temple was rumored to be a haunted location, but as of recent years, locals now believe it’s home to many benevolent spirits. Seminyak's art scene is also worth mentioning, with its collection of up-and-coming talented creators exhibiting their works in spaces like the Purple Art Gallery. After a day of self-pamper, excitement, and fascination, head over to the world-famous Double Six Beach, Potato Head Beach Club, Or Mrs. Sippy and grab yourself a tropical drink by the ocean as the sun goes down and you prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure ahead.

~ Highlights ~  

Pura Petitenget Temple, Potato Head Beach, Legian, Ku De Ta, Biasa Artspace

~ Accommodation ~  

Bali Stellar, Capsule Hotel, Sense Hotel, Ala Hostel, Grandmas Plus ($)

FuramaXclusive Ocean Beach, Raja Gardens, Tijili, Bali Agung Village, M-Box ($$)

~ Beaches ~

Semiyak Beach, Pantai Mesari, Legian Beach, Padma

~ Restaurants ~

Baku Dapa, Bernadette, Revolver, Tamade Cafeteria, Taman Bambu, Napoli, Wah Burger ($) 

Sisterfields, Biku, Chez Gado, La Lucciola, Made's Warung, Mamasan, Naughty Nuri's, Ryoshi ($$)

~ Marketplaces ~

 Seminyak Village,  Jalan Laksmana, Drifter Surf Shop, Thaikila Bikinis, Mil's, Samsara, Lilly Jean, Lucy's Batik

~Notable Temples~

Pura Petitenget, Pura Masceti

~ Nightlife ~ 

 Potato Head Beach Club, Mrs Sippy, Shishi,  Ku De Ta, Mixwell Bar, La Favela, Champagne Bar


Captured by: Lila Metons

Captured by: Brandon Willoughby

Legian in recent years has become a hub for attracting family vacationers as it's conveniently located within walking distance to many beaches, shops, and outdoor activities. It's the ideal destination for those looking to be close to the action but not too close where it interrupts their beauty sleep. The milieu here is best described as a combination of Kuta and Canggu. Those wishing to entertain their husband, wife, and kids within walking distance of their hotel will find Legian as a dream location to be situated in. So sit back and take in the spas, water parks, and long stretches of beaches, or spend a relaxing afternoon in a bathing suit with a beer or cocktail in hand placed underneath the shade of swaying palm trees as you prepare for a sunset-like no other.

~ Highlights ~ 

DMZ 3D Bali, Legian Beach, Jalan Marketplace, 5GX Bali Reverse Bungy, Double Six Beach

~ Accomodation ~ 

Legian Village Hotel, RedDoorz, Legian Paradiso, Legian Sunset Residence, Loft Legian ($)

Adi Dharma Hotel Legian, Padma, Legian Beach Hotel, Three Brothers Inn, Bali Niksoma ($$)

~ Beaches ~

Legian Beach, Seminyak, Padma, Kuta Beach, Pantai Double

~ Restaurants ~

Chapter 2, On The Juice, Ituitu, Vitamin Sea ($)

Poppies Restaurant, Ocean Terrace, The Sand Hotel, Yamma Yaa, Luber, Moo Moo's ($$)

~ Marketplaces ~

Garlic Lane, Jalan Market,  Badung & Kumbasari Market,  Kereneng Night Market

~ Notable Temples~

Pura Agung Desa Adat, Pura Dalem Kahyangan, Pura Puseh Desa


Captured by: Seb Horn

Captured by: Brandon Willoughby

Canggu over the past five years has transcended into ‘THE place’ to be, attracting international attention from digital nomads, surfers, yoga enthusiasts, foodies, and backpackers. Many have found Canggu to be one of the most seamless places in the world to uproot their lives and relocate. What once was a little surf town has since developed into a plethora of cafes, boho boutiques, surf spots, and hip beachfront bars & clubs. Canggu has managed to keep its charm by creating an environment for individuals to maintain a healthy and prosperous work-life balance where during the day, you can witness people working away on their aspirations, and when the sun goes down, the bintangs & cocktails go all the way up! For solo travelers, this destination offers a great selection of social hostels where you’ll meet other like-minded people and make new friends just by being yourself. Canggu will likely have you contemplating extending your stay in Bali, where you might just turn into an ex-pat or long-term traveler rather than a traditional vacationer.

~ Highlights ~ 

Tanah Lot Temple, Echo Beach, Finns, Pantai Batu Nolong, La Brisa

~ Accomodation ~ 

 Nyaman Hostel, Drapers Startup House, The Nest, Kumpang Canggu, Balicabana ($)

Papillon, Andi Beach House, FRii, The Palms Canggu, Ecosfera Hotel, Sedasa ​ ($$)

~ Beaches ~

Canggu Beach, Berawa Surf Beach, Echo Surf Beach, Pererenan Beach, Seseh Beach 

~ Restaurants ~

Sika, Tiga, Varuna Warung, Desa Seni, Sukerti's, Pasta Biite, Luigi's, Tugu & Bale Sutra ($)

Zin Cafe, Arte, The Lawn, La Brisa, The Village Green, La Fabrica ($$)

~ Marketplaces ~

Love Anchor Market, Old Mans Canggu Market, Niki Art Market, Samadi Market

~Notable Temples~

Tanah Lot, Pura Batu Mejan, Pura Luhur Bhujangga Waisnawa

~ Nightlife ~ 

 Finns Beach Club, La Brisa, The Lawn, Luigis Monday, Pretty Poison, Deus Ex Machina, Old Mans, Sandbar

 Tanah Lot 

Captured by: Franci Leoncio

Music by: Aso - Sunset

Tanah Lot is nestled 30 minutes north of Canggu and is one of Bali’s most sought out religious sites. This temple sits on a rocky outcrop hovering over the ocean and attracts hundreds of visitors daily who come to admire its impressive stature. During high tide, Tanah Lot becomes nearly inaccessible as powerful waves smash against the jagged rocks that support this mighty temple. When the currents subside, visitors can walk across and marvel at this spiritual building up close & personal. Access inside, however, is reserved only for devotees who come here to pray and pay their respects. While the locals understand photographers' and visitors' fascination with the temple, it is vital to dress appropriately and to keep a respectful distance from those in this sacred temple here for prayer and worship.

~ Accomodation ~

Natya Hotel Tanah Lot, Hotel Astiti Graha Tanah, Merak Residence


Captured by: Tobias Reissig

Ubud is located an hour north of Denpasar and presents an entirely opposite atmosphere to its party beach town neighbors like Kuta, Legian, or Seminyak. Ubud appeals to travelers seeking rice terraces, temples, monkey reserves, yoga and meditation retreats, and the spiritual beyond. Ubud’s ambiance emulates nature and harmony, where the co-existence of wildlife and humans thrive peacefully and is unparalleled to anywhere else in Bali. Make sure to keep a good negotiator by your side, as Ubud has exceptional flea markets, where local merchants are always willing to strike a deal to get their products off the racks and into your suitcase. After enjoying some shopping and sightseeing, try a heavenly smoothie bowl in one of the town’s many vegan cafes that’ll have your tastebuds immediately grateful. The afternoons are best spent exploring the rice terraces, the Ubud Royal Palace, or for animal lovers, the Famous Monkey Forest, where you’re met with the extraordinary opportunity to encounter intelligent and majestic Balinese monkeys up close.

~ Highlights ~

Monkey Forest, Tegalalang Rice Terraces, Tegenungan Waterfall, Elephant Cave, Ubud Palace, Cretya

~ Accomodation ~

Ubud Tropical, Puji Hostel, Green Paddy, Green View Backpackers, Lagas Ubud ($)

Arya Wellness Retreat, Kuna Bali, Puri Garden, The Sloth Bali, Bale Bali Inn ($$)

Restaurants ~

Warung Biah Biah, Mama Mia, Bernadette,  Dumbo, Casa Luna, Pitri Minag ($)

Black Beach, Kebun, Clear,  Alchemy, Naughty Nuri's, Pica ($$)

~ Marketplaces ~

Ubud Market, Pasar Seni, Ganesha Bookshop, Smile Shop, Pengosekan, Ashitaba, Calico Periplus

~ Notable Temples ~

Batuan Temple, Wat Puri Saren Agung, Ubud Palace, Pura Desa Ubud, Pura Taman Saraswati

~ Nightlife ~

CP Lounge, No Mas Bar, The Blue Door, Hideout Bar, Laughing Buddha, Divya, Melting Pot

 Monkey Forest 

Captured by: Tobias Reissig

Monkey Forest is located near Ubud’s town center. This large preserve is home to over 700 Balinese long-tailed monkeys who can come and go as they please. They’re fed regularly by on-site staff enticing their presence, so you can quickly assess that this establishment can be explored with a clear conscience, knowing that these animals are happy and cared for. The Monkey Forest has become a beloved tourist attraction, but much like many of Bali’s riveting destinations, this forest also contains religious significance, with several temples located inside. The entrance to the park costs around $5 per person, which is well worth the visit; just make sure to store your belongings safely away and decide against bringing any outdoor food. Be mindful that the monkeys can be assertive at times and have been known to steal valuables such as phones, sunglasses, and even cameras. Having fun is expected, but it’s equally important to be respectful of the monkey's home and alert while exploring this magnificent forest reserve. 
 Tegalalang Terrace 

Captured by: Manuel Gussmann

Tegalalang Terrace is located in the dense jungles of Bali, 20 minutes north of Ubud. These rice terraces merge with lush lookout points that have been showcased in photographs all over the world. To reach this destination, it’s best to rent a scooter or hire a grab and drive to the small town of Tegalalang, which has a quaint atmosphere despite welcoming hundreds of visitors daily. An entrance fee of around $1 is charged, making this a very cost-friendly excursion for a morning expedition or sunny afternoon. Make sure to pack your camera for views of the notorious Bali swings as you savor the smell of a flourishing ecosystem, blending in with the greenery of the meadows you will witness at every turn. Just a short walk from the rice terraces, you’ll find an array of small restaurants, also known in the local Indonesian language as ‘warungs,’  where you can grab a delicious and affordable meal as you eat and rejoice at the glorious moments you’ve just experienced here in this authentic jungle. 
 Tirta Empul 

Captured by: Xendon Cross

Tirta Empul is a 5-10 minute drive from Tegalalang Rice Terrace, where this spiritual haven has attracted millions of curious souls. This destination is said to have miraculous healing properties and has garnished immediate fame after being featured in the hit movie Eat Pray Love, starring Julia Roberts. The Tirta Empul Holy Temple is a sacred pilgrimage site that has brought over devotees from all over the world, including former President Barack Obama in 2017, where he and his family came to pay their respects. The Balinese have come to this mystical natural spring for thousands of years in acts to cleanse the mind, body, and soul. It goes without saying, this practice needs to be treated with absolute respect and should only be participated by individuals seeking a spiritual connection with the Balinese culture and its cherished beliefs. When standing in the bathing pools, visitors, both men, and women should be mindful to cover their lower half with sarongs that are available for rent when entering the temple. A trip to Tirta Empul is a profound experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated in a whole new sense and closer to the spiritual culture in Bali than you ever before.

Captured by: Putu Arixx

Sidemen lies in the east of Bali, which locals describe as an undisturbed, peaceful, and down-to-earth region of this archipelago. This destination presents an ambiance that is much like how Bali was many years ago before tourism exploded. With endless rice fields, lush jungles, and welcoming homestays that pamper their guests with massages, yoga sessions, and stunning views of the tallest mountain & volcano in Bali. Mount Agung, one of Bali’s three colossal volcanoes, towers around this Indonesian community. If photography is something that interests you, you’ll definitely feel at home as this destination offers picturesque views at every corner you turn. A stroll around the whimsical countryside is essential on any trip to Sidemen, especially for those yearning for an afternoon surrounded by nature. Time feels as if it’s standing still here in Sidemen, where many locals still live off the land, representing a rare opportunity to experience Bali's humbling beginnings.

~ Highights ~  

Rice Terrace Fields, Gembleng Falls, Tukad Cepung, Anandinii Cooking Class, Yellow Bridge Tukad Yeh Unda

~ Accomodation ~

Pondok Tepi Sungai, Kubu Alas Tunggal Villa, Sweet Homestay Sidemen, Kanda Homestay ($)

 Khrisna Homestay, Alamdhari, Bamboo House, Darmada Eco Resort, Wapa Di Ume ($$)

~ Resturants ~  

Dapur Kapulaga, La Montagne Café, Warung Ume Anyar, Warung Ida, Tirta Unda ($)

Monkey Bar, Joglo D' Uma, Asri Dining by Samanvaya, Sleeping Gajah, Lihat Sawah ($$)

~ Marketplaces ~

Agung Silver, Kolektif Store, Mira Weaving Shop,  Akiko Songket & Ikat Production

 Pura Lengeuny 
​Pura Lempuyang Bali Temple

Captured by: Mick Anton

Captured by: Neil Baker &  Joe Harvey

Pura Lempuyang is located not far from Amed and is not only a favorite amongst photographers but also a must-visit for travelers who're exploring the east side of Bali. For a small donation, visitors can take their photos at this renowned site, with views of a towering volcano in the backdrop. However, one should know of a famous illusion associated with this destination. Many photos show Pura Lempuyang with a mirror-like reflection beneath the gates suggesting a lake or body of water would be located there. This effect is a deceptive mirage achieved by photographers using specific techniques to give this location a more exaggerated look. Luckily this carefully hand-carved monument is spectacular with or without the fairytale lake and will be one of the many reasons you fall in love with the enchanting island of Bali.
Amed which means "beautiful coast"  in Balinese, is often viewed as one of the most underrated townships in Bali. However, this gem of a location offers plenty of opportunities for scuba diving, stunning sunrises and sunsets overlooking Mt.Agung, and viewpoints that will blow your mind away. If the aquatic world of Indonesia is of interest to you, then Amed will enthrall you with its flourishing marine life. Those with no previous scuba diving experience will be welcomed with the wide selection of dive schools offering affordable courses to willing new students. More experienced divers can choose from a plethora of tour packages taking them to sunken wrecks like the USS Liberty, which capsized in 1963 due to a volcanic eruption. If underwater exploration isn’t for you, you’re encouraged to scooter over to Ameds surrounding countryside to revel at the idyllic Jemeluk Viewpoint with its 360-degree panoramic view of the water. Amed is also one of the fastest ports for those wishing to take a ferry to the angelic Gili Islands or Lombok, which are must-visits while in Indonesia.

~ Highights ~  

Japanese Ship Wreck Point, Black Sand Beach, Scuba Diving, Jemeluk Viewpoint, Sunset Point, Pura Lempuyang

~ Accomodation ~

Pondok Aldi, Ocean Prana, Black Sand Hostel, Bali Fab Dive Center, Star East Guest House ($)

Sama Sama Amed, Blue Moon Villas, Stairway To Heaven Bungalows, Villa Bukit Segara ($$) 

~ Resturaunts ~

Tropikal Sunset Cafe, Wayans Warung, Bliss Cafe, Warung Sabar, Di Lipah, Omang Omang ($)

Waeni's Sunsetview, Shanti Vegetarian, Galanga, Taman Bebek Hita ($$)

~ Beaches ~ 

Amed Beach, Jemeluk Bay, Lipah Beach, Ibus Beach, Selang Beach, Bintang Beach

~ Marketplaces ~  

Bali Diversity, Rumah Adi & Adi Shop, Indomaret Bunutan Amed, Amed Buddha Diving

~ Nightlife ~ 

Amed Kedai, BARAK Rooftop Bar & Lounge, Pacha Reggae Bar & Restaurant, Chill Bar & Grill, BARracuda

 Mt Batur 

Captured by: Tommy Watson